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You can see and live so many things!!

So close to CAN MENCIÓ  you can do so many activities. If you want to know this county you can do it walking, by bike, on horseback, on donkey, by balloon, by 4×4 vehicle, by segway … You can take a guided tour of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa, make a flight with balloon, hiking in the Alta Garrotxa, or paddling for a while in Banyoles lake. This land offers you a great number of possibilities for your leisure time.

In our home you will find a lot of information about the area to make a new adventure every day. If you like, we can help you to plan your activities and your visits:

-Tourism office in Santa Pau:
-Calendar of fairs and popular activities:


-Hiking and guided tours (EN RUTA GIRONA, www.enrutagirona.cat656634440, 10% discount)*

-Baloon trip (VOL DE COLOMS,, 689471872)

-Ride on horseback (MAS FALGÀS, www.masfalgas.es689253004)

-Donkey guided tours (RUCS I SOMERES, www.rucsisomeres.com609304994, gift)*

-Bicycle (BICICARRIL, www.bicicarril.com646027372, 10% discount)*

-Bicycle(CENTRE LOGÍSTIC DE BICICLETES ATMA, www.bicicletes.atma.cat972690223, 10% discount)*

-Segway (SEGWAY GARROTXA,, 610928356, 10% discount or tasting)*

-Cheese factory (LA XIQUELLA,, 667421065, tasting)

-Cheese factory (EL PASTOR DE RIUDAURA,, 616037235, tasting)

-Granja de porcs (MAS COROMINAS, www.gustdegarrotxa.com607547711, degustació gratuïta i descompte)*

-Pig farm (LA COROMINA, www.maslacoromina.cat699746752, tasting)

-Yogurt factory (LA FAGEDA, www.fageda.com972681010, tasting)

-Farms (VISITAGRANGES,, special price or gift)

-Conference and astronomical observation (VINPERTOUR, www.vinpertour.com626182038/692529393/653109950, special price)*

-Massages, therapies and workshop (CÒSMIC, 627010609, special price)*

-Massages and therapies (NÍRMALA, www.nirmala.cat605462576, special price)*

-Massages and therapies (CA L’AIRUN,, special price)*

-Massages and therapies (ALBA ALONSO,, 676453656, special price)*

-Massages and therapies (CAELUM-ESPAI ALQVIMIA, 606040235, special prices)*

-Skiing and snowshoes (GUIES NORD SUD, 605227987/, 15% discount in VallTer2000)*

-Skiing (VALLTER2000, www.vallter2000.cat972136057)

-Rack railway train (VALL DE NÚRIA, www.valldenuria.cat972732030)

-Golf (GOLF GIRONA, www.golfgirona.com972171641)

-Museus in Olot (TURISME OLOT, www.turismeolot.cat972260141)

-Jewry or medieval jewish quarter in Besalú (TURISME BESALÚ, www.besalu.cat972591240)

-Jewry or medieval jewish quarter in Girona (TURISME GIRONA,

*To enjoy the advantage, you must make a previous reservation and identify yourself as a CAN MENCIO customer.


-Santa Pau (0 Km)

-Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa (3 km)

-Mountains of Finestres and Santa Maria de Finestres Sanctuary (18 km)

-La Fageda d’en Jordà, beech grove (5 km)

-Olot (10 km)

-Besalú (30 km)

-Vall de Bas (17 km)

-Lake of Banyoles (24 km)

-Oix (27 km)

-Beget (45 km)

-Sadernes (33 km)

-Museu Dalí – Figueres (54 km)

-Natural Park of the Aiguamolls de l´Emporda (65 km)

-Beaches of the Costa Brava (a 60 km)

-Jewry or medieval jewish quarter in Girona (45 km)

-Ripoll (44 km)

-Camprodon (40 km)

-Rack railway train to Vall de Núria (54 km)

-Vallter2000  ski station (63 km)